If you want to invest in your trading education, I HIGHLY recommend Superman’s boot camp, should he hold another one. For newbies and experts alike. Join his SuperPro service on Profitly in the meantime. As a new trader, I learned from the bottom up starting with basics about the indexes, websites he uses, to his scans, chart, and screening set ups, to more advanced lessons about level II, how to research companies, how to read SEC filings, P/R reports and what to look for, and so much more.

Most invaluable to me was to learn how he quickly scans a company to determine if it’s one he will trade. The market moves so fast. It was brilliant to do live trading webinars about an hour before opening bell. We saw his research process live and grew to understand how and why a stock might make it to his watch list.

Superman is a tough coach, but his goal is to make you an independent, successful trader, not just a follower. He will always answer your questions. Learn from his mistakes but lazy traders need not apply!

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